The history of the Wisconsin Central is tied to that of the Soo Line. A good history of the WC was "HISTORY of the WISCONSIN CENTRAL RAILWAY" written by Roy L. Martin. Unfortunately this book is no longer in print.

James Lydon, a Soo Line employee, has written extensively about the railroad's history and as the WC was a major part of that railroad's development this road's history is also included. The Central Wisconsin Model Railroaders, Ltd., received a copy of the "Lydon manuscript" about 1992. This model railroad club had formed a symbiotic relationship with Portage County Historical Society restoring the Society's ex-Bancroft Depot and in exchange using the basement under this structure as a clubhouse. CWMR along with the Society received permission from the Wisconsin Central RR Ltd., owners of the manuscript, to publish this document. Because of the numerous areas that have missing parts this is not possible. Further research at the Minnesota State Historical Society may turn up a more complete document.

Other sources of historic data about the Soo Line and its various lines is the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society and two authors with many books on Wisconsin railroading, Ray Specht and Malcolm Rosholt. Most of these books are out of print.


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