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Our Online Archives are arranged loosely by subject:

  • Biographical Sketches -- Obtained from a wide variety of sources. The sketches are of individuals and families. If you have a biography to contribute please contact us.
  • Church Histories -- Church histories give great insight into an area's heritage. Some articles contain good genealogy material.
  • Circus History -- Portage County Wisconsin was home to several circuses in the 1900's. Here are some of their histories and the families that operated them.
  • Communities -- Many of the settlements in Portage County no longer exist. Here is an attempt to present some information on as many as we can.
  • General History and Townships -- History articles that relate to the County's history and histories of the townships are presented here.
  • Geology/Geography -- Maps, soil types and other geology/geography oriented material.
  • Legend Series -- The Society pokes fun at itself and members.
  • Military History -- the Portage County Historical Society has a collection of militaria [uniforms, badges, medals, paper items, etc.] that is between the 3rd and 5th largest in Wisconsin.
  • Miscellaneous -- As the name suggests, articles that don't easily fix in one of the other articles.
  • Polish Heritage -- Settlers of Polish Heritage formed the largest ethnic group of Portage County.
  • RR History -- Railroads made a tremendous impact on Wisconsin in the late 1800's. Here are articles specifically about Portage county. Go to our main Railroad History Site to learn more about Central Wisconsin Railroads. 
  • Schools -- School histories are another great place for genealogists. Good reading also!
  • Sports and Recreation -- Even pioneers played!

The history of the Townships that make up Portage County can be viewed in the General History Section.

As this archive grows, links between articles will provide the reader with the ability to follow by genealogy, towns, etc. Please be patient with us as this site grows.

Many of the articles are the result of oral histories taken by students either at the University of Wisconsin -- Stevens Point or at Stevens Point Area Senior High School (SPASH). Tim Siebert, a History teacher at SPASH and president of the Historical Society for over 30 years, has written a brief "Hints on Oral History" to assist people in this endeavor. Remember that this article was written in 1981 before video taping was available.

You will see references at the beginning or ending of articles to "The Pinery". This was the name of the Society's newsletter for the first 40+ years.

The Legend Series -- Members poke fun at ourselves




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