Memories of Plover

Memories fond of growing up in Plover

From the Stevens Point Journal May 19, 1992

While the village of Plover wasn’t known for having a bustling public square, residents there held most special social gatherings at the Plover Methodist Church. The church grounds, once located on Walnut Street east of Post Road, was the site of each year’s first Engford family circus, lifetime resident Earle Rossier remembers.

“When they had medicine shows, they’d all be there,” said Mary Wright, who grew up in a house located behind today’s Portage County Bank on Post Road.

As a youngster, Ervin Shudarek would watch outdoor movies or medicine shows once a week at the church. He also was a big fan of the Engford family circus. “Each spring, the family would go out,” he said. “They traveled the circuit. They had the big tops.”

Before Plover finally became incorporated as a village, the Plover Town Hall on Green Avenue was also a popular spot for dances and meetings. “They even held boxing matches there,” Rossier said.

The original town hail burned down. A new one was built in the same location and today serves as the Town Hall Centre office building.

The Isherwood Hall, once located south of the village near the corner of Isherwood Drive and Highway 54 East, was a social hotspot for young adults. “That was the real gathering place,” Rossier said. “Whoever was old enough to drive would take us out there.”

A dance hall called Dreamland was also a popular nightspot, and according to Emil Shannon, you couldn’t get there fast enough. After work, “I’d hurry up and go like the devil to get there,” Shannon said in an interview with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point archives.

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