Biggest Little City in Wisconsin

This publication assembled by the Stevens Point Business Men's Association was published in 1913. Included are many photos of the public buildings, courthouse, schools, library, etc., and many of the prominent businesses of the day. Because of the number of photos, only a few are shown here.

The city of Stevens Point is located in the geographical center of Wisconsin, surrounded by a rich farming country especially noted for the quality and quantity of potatoes raised. There are more potatoes grown in Portage County of which Stevens Point is the judicial seat than any other county in the state.

Stevens Point is situated on the Wisconsin River, 150 miles northwest of Milwaukee and 250 miles from Chicago. The climate of Portage County is healthful. Good water is abundant. Streams are numerous through the center of the county, north and south the surface rises into high, broken, rocky ridges, being part of the ‘great divide” which separates the waters of this region seeking an outlet to the sea by the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence from those leading into the Mississippi.

The city of Stevens Point affords favorable location for those engaged in the manufacture of wood into articles which seek a market elsewhere, lying as it does just at the edge of the great timber belt, where is found all the more desirable woods, It has foundries and machine shops, furnishings handy supplies for the vast lumber region; it has paper mills, flooring mills, saw mills and furniture factories, plenty of stone and the best of brick. Other big industries are located here, notably the largest fishing fly factory in the west and the only automatic cradle factory in the country. All the principal streets are paved with brick or macadam, the city is well lighted and has a first class system of water works.

In the matter of schools and churches, it is better equipped than any other city of equal population in Wisconsin. Here is located a State Normal school with an enrollment of 600 students, an up-to- date high school and numerous well equipped ward and parochial schools. Nearly all denominations are represented by the churches.

With the object in view of attracting prudent manufacturers desiring to move, or new manufacturers seeking the best location, this booklet is issued by the Stevens Point Business Men's Association, setting forth, in terms of absolute truth, the inducements and advantages we have to offer.

Transportation Facilities

This city is a division point on the great Canadian Pacific system, the Chicago division of the “Soo” running through here north and south and also has a branch line between Stevens Point and Portage. The Green Bay and Western also furnishes unexcelled shipping facilities to points east, west and south.

Fire Department and Insurance Rates

The excellent water supply and fine fire department, well arranged and fully equipped, assures us the lowest insurance rates.


Our banking facilities are ample, with good capital in careful and conservative hands. The banks of Stevens Point offer more than the average banking facilities to the public.

Living Advantages

A first class opera house, presenting the best shows on the road, and several motion picture theaters which are liberally patronized.

The Wisconsin River offers excellent boating facilities and the best fishing.
We have one daily and three weekly papers all of them well gotten up typographically and fully covering the local and general news field.

Labor Conditions

Stevens Point possesses all the metropolitan advantages necessary to make it attractive as a home for high-class labor. The cost of living is reasonable.


The manufacturing establishments of Stevens Point are all in a flourishing condition; many of our industries have doubled or greatly enlarged their capacity within the past few years by erecting new buildings. The country surrounding us, while being very rich in timber, leads the world in the production of potatoes and is second to none for raising corn, oats, rye and hay. Apples and other fruits grow in abundance.

The foregoing but briefly sets forth some advantages possessed by Stevens Point, making it an ideal location for manufacturing. We invite correspondence from all parties interested, and will be glad to take up with you any question regarding Stevens Point you desire to investigate. Simply state your wants and write the


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