Polish Heritage

In Portage County Wisconsin

Research for this section was begun in the summer of 2003. This section will undergo many revisions during its development. Anyone will information is encouraged to contact us.

This section is about the Polish experience in Portage County Wisconsin. To begin this section consider purchasing our book "Native Realm". Next take a tour of the Portage County's primary area of Polish settlement in the 1800's.

The following areas will be expanded as this section develops: Immigration; Church Histories; Biographies; Maps; Crafts; Traditional Clothing; Arts; Polish History.


  • Professor Waclaw Soroka's work, "Polish Immigration to the United States", will provide much of the background material for this section.
  • Polish Farmers -- Taken from "A Standard History of Portage County 1919".
  • Kaszuby Region -- Adeline Sopa's article on the origins of the first Polish Immigrants to Portage County. (Several large graphics).

Church Histories

For a complete listing of Church Histories.

  • Early Churches -- reminders of home.
  • St. Martin's -- a brief history of this Ellis Catholic Church. (We have a more complete history of this parish. It will be uploaded in the future.)
  • St Peter's -- this parish is the best documented Catholic Church in the county with histories for its first 50 years, 75 years, and 100 years.
  • Sacred Heart -- Actually a history of Polonia taken from our publication Native Realm.
  • St. Casimir's -- established in 1871 it is the 3rd or 4th Catholic parish in Portage County.


Visit our Biographies section for a complete listing.



Traditional Clothing


Polish History