Portage County Railroad History

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Railroading in Stevens Point

Railroading in Stevens Point began in 1872 with the arrival of the Wisconsin Central Railway. "General" Albert Ellis talked of having a railroad in Point as early as 1857 with his publication "The Handbook of Stevens Point". In this publication many railroads are mentioned as "planned". An example of this planning was the proposed 4, count them 4, railroads that were to travel through Springville Pond (none ever were built through what is now Springville Pond).

The following articles were published by the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society in its "The Soo" magazines: Spring 1998, Summer 1998, Fall 1998. PCHS wishes to thank SLHTS for permission to publish these articles here.

"The Many Faces of Stevens Point; From Wisconsin Central to Soo Line and back again." By Andrew Roth

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