School Histories

School histories can be a great help to genealogist. They also provide insight into the importance early settlers placed on free public education.

Currently, the Stevens Point Public School District has all of its 4th grade students attend a half day in our Hie Corner one room school house. In Wisconsin 4th graders study Wisconsin history. A new curriculum beginning in 2002-03 will have 3rd graders studying Portage County history.

Our most complete collection of one room school histories is from Belmont Township contained in History and Memories by Wayne A Guyant. Abbreviated histories of these schools will appear on this page in the future.

Some school histories are included with the Church Histories.

 Interesting "Rules of Conduct" for teachers are also presented here. Teacher Conduct 1915 and Rules for Teachers 1872.

UWSP or University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point as it is known today. This school initially started as Stevens Point Normal School in 1893, opening in 1894. (Same year as Hie Corner one room school.) Read our section on UWSP History.



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