Audio and Video Collection

The Portage County Historical Society has a growing collection of audio and video material in a variety of media. The process of converting our collection to digital format is ongoing.

Tim Siebert, long time President of the Society, wrote an article in 1981 titled "Hints on Oral History". Although methods of recording "oral history" have changed dramatically since then, the basic information is still very pertinent!

Because of the large size of the audio and video files, please be patient.


Circus Videos

With a long history of circuses calling Portage County home, we have accumulated a very large collection of circus material. Among these collections are a growing collection of videos. See our Circus History section for more details.

Ruthie and Frank Clark are our primary source for circus videos. Approximately 18 videos of Ruthie and Frank have been included on this site. In addition, videos of Extraordinary Circus Artists are also presented.

Ruthie and Frank have several large reels of 8mm film that will be digitized in the future.

Frank Clark Videos.

Military Veteran Interviews

About the time of the 50th Anniversary of the end of World War II, 1995, several Sociey members, Robert Precourt being the leader, began interviewing World War II veterans. Some of their interviews are available and more will be converted.



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