Frank & Ruthie Clark

Frank Clark and Ruthie Engford began performing together as "Francarro & Estreleta, America’s premier aerialists" in 1966.

Helicopter Act

No sound! Approximately 2:26 minutes.

Wedding September 17, 1966 (may have to turn volume up)

Sound! Approximately 8:36 minutes.

Pomona, California 1972

No sound! Approximately 2:47 minutes.

Green Bay 1986 - Foot Juggling

Sound! Approximately 4:24 minutes.

Green Bay 1986 - Aerial Act

Sound! Approximately 3:41 minutes.

Lake Tahoo 1987

Sound! Approximately 6:00 minutes.

Santa's Christmas Show Dec. 30, 1992. Mt. St. Joseph College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sound! Approximately 5:41 minutes.

Winnipeg, interview.

Sound! Approximately 2:00 minutes.

"The Brigadier" International Circus Festival and Parade 1992.

Sound! Approximately 7:12 minutes.

Tim Tegge interview with Ruthie Clark.

Sound! Approximately 3:23 minutes.



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