More Engford Talents

Aside from their obvious athletic talents (some of Robert's and Harry's movements have never been duplicated) displayed during their performances Robert, Harry Engford and Florence Engford were accomplished musicians and painters/graphic artists. As musicians, Harry and Florence taught and performed in the Plover and Stevens Point area for many years. Harry attained the position of second chair violin in the Stevens Point Symphony. It was said that Florence gave piano lessons to half of the piano players in Plover!

Currently, it is unknown how many paintings Harry and Florence produced. We do know that Harry did elaborate "chalk" board displays while he was teaching bible studies at the Plover Methodist Church.

Robert & Amanda Engford

Robert began incorporating music into the act about the time Harry and Florence were old enough to join the troupe. Amanda's talent as a seamstress and costume designer was passed on to her daughter Florence; daughter-in-law Lois; and grand-daughter Ruthie. Some of the Engford costumes can be viewed on this special page "Costumes".

Harry Engford & Florence Engford

Harry and Florence were not just circus performers. Their musical talents were on display during each family performance. What many people never realized or appreciated was their talents as graphic artists and painters. Nearly all of the program headers, graphics on posters, letter heads and logos were designed by Harry.




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