Engford Family Shows

Incomparable Refined Amusement
Engford Family Show
Best and Highest Merit of Entertainment

The title, "Engford Family Show," signifies the very best and cleanest form of entertainment. It is reputed in established territory of presenting at all times the highest class of clean, wholesome amusement.

Prolonged study and observation on the part of the management as to the wants and demands of the present-day public is the result of this Show’s offerings. Long heralded as the Show of fun and amusement for everyone, from grandpa down to the kids, our motto is: "The Public Be Pleased."

In the 1920's and 1930's, shows would "share" the printing costs of the program booklets. Each would have their own cover and pages inside. Other shows would be featured inside as well. Harry Engford did the artwork, with pen and ink, for page 54 of this booklet and the graphic at top.

The members of the Engford Family themselves are all highly talented and versatile artists. Before the acquisition of their own motorized Show, years ago they made tours over the leading vaudeville circuits of America and foreign countries, exhibiting their versatility as excellent, highly schooled musical artists, acrobats and skillful equilibrists. Their own talents are displayed today to their fullest degree in their own Show, as they were years ago in the leading theatres and with the leading amusement institutions of the world.

The management is extremely careful in the selection of the additional assisting artists and performers that comprise the Show’s performance. All performers must be recognized among the highest skilled masters in their respective lines, to maintain the established reputation of this Show’s name.

Eliminating all small fill-in numbers from its performance, the management is keen to present only all feature acts of high calibre. The performance consists of such circus acts as: Troupes of Acrobats; Contortionists; Hand Balancers; Tumblers; Jugglers; Wire, Aerial, Trapeze and Roman Ring performers; Flying and Revolving Ladders; A Big Musical Revue, and a group of real laugh-provoking clowns.

Efficient transportation facilities for the Show’s entire equipment on well-cared-for trucks, and proper living conditions for the entire personnel of the Show, make it a happy aggregation under all conditions. The equipment of the Show consists of all necessaries for the convenience, comfort and pleasure of the patronizing public.

Vulgarity, graft and gambling are positively not tolerated on the Show grounds, making it a Show for ladies, gentlemen and children to patronize. There is fair and square dealing predominating at all times between the Show and the public.

The Engford Family Show is one show that plays return engagements in the same towns consecutively year after year with an increase of patronage and business each following year.

Having for many years past enjoyed the satisfaction of pleasing its many thousands of patrons, this Show will continue as before as a high-merited amusement enterprise, constantly on the watch to add any new features that would give its patrons the very best in up-to-date entertainment.



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