Posters and Promotional Photos

Robert Engford

No posters exist for Robert and Bill's performances prior to Bill's marriage. However, Robert married Amanda in 1904 and we have an early poster of their act. This was a 'generic' poster with a fill-in date "190_". A half poster for "The Four Engfords" dated Feb. 7, 1924 offers a Musical Review. Posters are presented individually with detail photos when necessary.

Harry Engford

During the off seasons (approximately 1930-1936), Harry offered a musical show; played in the Stevens Point Symphony; hosted a radio show and taught many local Plover children how to play piano. From 1937 to 1941 Harry operated the "Forges Bros. Shows" often sharing dates with Robert's "Engford Family Shows". Following Robert's retirement in 1939, Forges Bros. Shows operated alone. Because of gas rationing and travel restrictions during World War II, 1942-1945, Harry and Lois did not perform. Starting in 1946 they performed as an individual act touring the eastern United States. For the years 1946 until his retirement in 1966 he used promotional photographs.

Florence Engford

Florence always performed with Robert's shows and later with Harry's "Forges Bros. Shows". She never had her own "poster". She began appearing on the family posters at about age 6.

Frank Clark and Ruthie Engford Clark

Frank Clark performed with the "Lopez Trio", "Noble Trio" and "Flying Malkos" before starting his own act "Francarro". We have only a "Francarro" poster for these acts. We also have only one "Estreleta" photo of Ruthie.

Frank and Ruthie Clark began performing together in 1966 with a Helicopter Act. Unfortunately, no posters or promotional photos exist. In 1968 they began performing the same act, but from a stationary platform. They also developed a foot juggling act finally retiring in 2000.



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