Maps, Geology and Geography Information about Portage County Wisconsin

We will provide as much historical map information as possible about the county. Map to our Museums.

How Wisconsin Was Surveyed

The methods used to survey land is largely unknown to the general public. But, the Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records: Original Field Notes and Plat Maps site offers a complete explanation of this method as well as access to the original field notes and maps compiled by the surveyors.


This section has links to our maps as well as external links to free printable map providers.

A Portage County Plat Book for 1895 has been photographed using a digital camera.

The following maps are from "Page-Size Maps of Wisconsin" published by: University of Wisconsin - Extension and Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, 3817 Mineral Point Road, Madison WI., 53705-5100.

The following maps are in pdf format. Maps available from the Wisconsin Historical Society also.

External Links

  • From National Atlas, a government agency, are printable maps of all the states and more.
  • This link is located in France and provides free printable maps covering all countries.

Geotag Maps

The Society will embark on a project during the summer of 2009 and continuing onward to provide county maps with geotag information locating:

  • Small Communities.
  • Cemetery Locations.
  • Locations of School Houses, one-room and others of historic value.
  • Catholic Churches.
  • Lutheran Churches.
  • Other Churches.
  • Historic sites within the communities

Portage County Ice Age Trail

The Portage County Ice Age Trail is part of the National Ice Age Trail system. This trail meanders through the county with many interesting landforms to observe.

Other Maps

Here is a list of all the Historical Makers in the State of Wisconsin. This blog has photos and geotags for all the markers in Wisconsin!


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