Military Collections

Will Lehner, a long time resident of Portage County, is a member of the "First Shot Club" as his ship, the USS Ward, fired the first shots at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. Will has been featured on several TV programs about the attack on Pearl Harbor and Wisconsin Public Television's Wisconsin Stories. We have about 90 minutes of video interview on this site also.

Our military collection is quite extensive. For presentation here we have divided our collection into specific conflicts. No attempt will be made to discuss the various conflicts in detail, except as it impacted Portage County, as much of this history is available elsewhere.

Malcolm Rosholt's County history, "Our County Our Story" published in 1959 provides detailed information of the wars beginning with the Civil War and ending with the Korean War. The chapter titled "Portage County in Five Wars" beginning on page 512 provides casualty lists. The appropriate section is reproduced in each war section.



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