General Store

Geotag information GEO: 44.456624, -89.540563

This building was brought onto the site in 1989 and will represent what a general store would have looked like in the late 19th Century. The building itself served as a wide variety of businesses in the Plover area for well over 100 years. It was the second Post Office building in Plover. This made it one of, if not the, most important buildings in the young community. It has since served as a store, taxidermy shop, had an entire house added to the back and functioned as a tavern. When the society obtained the store it had to tear off the house and gut the interior. This involved removing some layers of various interior coverings. It is in this stage that the structure now sits. The Society will rebuild the store on the exterior and interior to reflect a mid to late 19th Century general store.



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