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A Place Called Plover Portage
Justin Isherwood

An Algonkin word, wabangonigon was the name of Plover Portage long before axe and plow entered the region. The word means, east trail from the river, and refers to the portage route from the Wisconsin River east to the Tomorrow River-Waupaca River. How long before the white man this trail existed is placed at twenty centuries, 2000 years of comings and goings. A lot of things have come and a lot have gone; what remains is the elemental way people respond to land. A people whose lives, language, material wealth, is only as great as the land beneath them. We are land made Man. The land has shaped our population, our homes, our sports, our clothing, our roads, our vocations, our crops, and we might guess it shapes our thinking....

Available at $3.00
The Eve of Revolution: an antiwar memoir
Prof. Jim Missey

"Hardly a day goes by that I do not think of some aspect of the academic year that began in the fall of 1969 and ended in the spring of 1970, during which year I was an associate Professor in the English Department at what was then called Wisconsin State University, Steven Point. I feel even now in some measure stunned by the experiences of that year and still have not fully settled them..." Thus writes Jim Missey in 1985 of his experiences with the anti-Vietnam War protests in Stevens Point. Anyone involved with any aspect of the events of those years, be it as a veteran, protester, or onlooker, will enjoy Jim's recounting of that year.

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