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In this colorful collection of true stories, seven well known local historians and writers remember the notorious side of Portage County, Wisconsin's, past. Wendell Nelson writes of Stevens Point's turn-of the-century "Madame Extraordinaire." George Rogers tells the story of a conniving wheeler-dealer who now has local street named after him, and Justin Isherwood reflects on the intense relationship between the river and the river pilot. Other local contributors include John Anderson, Roy Menzel, Virgil ''Pete” Peters, and Malcolm Rosholt. Portage County Shadows brings to life some fascinating characters, places and happenings out of the traces of our past. "The editor has gathered some of Portage County's best and most entertaining authors to give the reader a sample of what has made this county unique and always intriguing to read about. This is an excellent sampler."

Available at $10.00

In 1990, a collection of true stories reflecting the notorious side of Portage County, Wisconsin's past was published. Portage County Shadows brought to life some fascinating characters and events on the darker side of our county's  history Out of the Shadows illuminates some of our nobler citizens, including Albert Ellis and Mandana Hale Bliss, pioneers in their respective fields of journalism and education.

Written by many of the same authors from Portage County Shadows, these inspiring stories bring to life those who helped shape Portage County into the dynamic and progressive heart of Wisconsin. Out of the Shadows provides a valuable history lesson under the guise of entertainment.

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Echoes of Portage County Past
An Oral History: 1900 - 1950

"That night as we followed the Titanic, we heard a loud noise", states Cristina Champaco aged 102. "The gangs, headed by Al Capone and Bugs Moran, were in constant competition. Each tried to persuade saloonkeepers to buy beer from them"; "Harry (Firkus) opened the letter and read to himself that Al Capone had killed his brother"

These and many other stories are recorded by Stevens Point High School History classes during April of 1987.

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A County Sampler

John Anderson was the Director of News and Publications at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point for 27 years. For the last nine year his column "A County Sampler", which appeared in the Stevens Point Journal, Showed evidence of his great love of Portage county and its people.

"A County Sampler" was best described by John Anderson:

"I thought it would be fun to write about people who usually don't get written about - who do their jobs and do fun things that nobody else does"

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Every heart harbors a
Hometown on the River
Roy Menzel

A book that covers one man's remembrances from childhood through retirement in Stevens Point. Roy was instrumental in getting our Green Trail started and profits from this book provided the seed money.

Mr. Menzel has donated 100 books to the Society.

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