Historic Fire House No.2

Geotag information GEO: 44.5169, -89.5773

In a letter dated Dec. 20, 2005 addressed to PCHS President Tim Siebert, Mary Ann Laszewski included a copy of a letter she had sent to Stevens Point Mayor Gary Wescott asking if the Southside Fire Station could be saved rather then demolished or sold off. This began a flurry of letter writing and inquires that resulted in the Historical Society being sold the building in March 2006 for $1.00.

Thus the oldest surviving municipal building in Stevens Point was saved! The Fire Station, designated number 2, was build in 1885 to serve the railroad and business districts in the southern part of the city.

The Stevens Point Fire Department was a volunteer outfit when the station was built. It initially housed a horse-drawn steam engine dubbed the "General Ellis"

In early 1860 the city ordered a hand pumper, a second-hand piece of equipment that was Chicago's first piece of fire equipment, known as Fire King No. 1. This is now housed in the Chicago Historical Society Museum.

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