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A Portage County Maze

Students learn Portage County vocabulary by completing a maze.


Early Transportation

This worksheet introduces students to three of the first transportation methods in Portage County, from river raft to train. Using primary source documents, students will answer questions and think about changes over time.

Horse carriage on square

Immigrant Homelands

This worksheet introduces students to the modern countries whose people have emigrated to Portage County. It includes a word search as well as line drawings of each country's flags for students to color.

Portage County, WI_20210920_0003.tif

Foodways & Cultural Connections

This worksheet has students match an image of a traditional food eaten by ethnic groups in Portage County with its description, then unscramble the name of the country associated with it.

Traditional Purim Cookies

Indigenous People in Portage County

This worksheet uses newspaper excerpts to show students that our Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi neighbors have always been present here, playing an important role in Portage County's economy and culture.


Our Townships

Always wanted to familiarize yourself with Portage County's townships? This worksheet practices map reading skills, plus students color in a simple map of the county.

Compass on map

I Spy: An 1886 Newspaper

One side of this worksheet is advertisements that appeared in the Stevens Point Journal in June 1886. Students are asked to do an "I Spy" activity which practices their reading and observation skills, while considering if the items advertised are still available today.


Reading the Census

Students will read an excerpt from a Portage County census record, answer questions about it, and then try filling out a simplified version for their own household.

1880 US Census-Marathon County-Knowlton_edited.jpg

Menominee Seasons

Using resources produced by the Menominee Nation, this worksheet introduces students to the moons (or months) of the year according to Menominee tradition.

Autumn Leaves

Portage County Murals

Students explore some of the beautiful murals visible throughout our county, from Amherst to Rosholt, matching each one to the story it tells. A second page lets them reflect on their favorite mural, and to imagine a mural of their own creation.

Public Square - Architecture and Polish Murals_01.tif

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