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Mission Statement
Sharing the stories of Portage County through preservation and education

Vision Statement

Providing connections to Portage County's diverse heritage

In 1952, a group of Portage County residents banded together to see that the history of the county was preserved for future generations. Since then, the Portage County Historical Society has amassed a collection of over half a million documents and artifacts, plus four historic sites, that all tell different parts of our story. 

2023 Bylaws Revision

As part of the Society's 2022-23 Strategic Plan, the bylaws of the organization have been updated by the governance committee and approved by the Board of Directors. By making these bylaws available on our website, we are fulfilling the final step toward approval at our 2023 Annual Meeting to be held at the Portage County Public Library in Stevens Point on April 19th at 6:30pm.

To view the revised bylaws, CLICK HERE.

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