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The Portage County Historical Society presents three annual awards for in honor of various acts and accomplishments in service to our mission of telling the stories of Portage County through education and preservation. See below for more info on the specific awards.

Win Rothman Award

Pine and Iron Award

Anton Anday Volunteer Service Award

Win Rothmann Award

This award is given to individuals who make a contribution to Portage County history through a public history project. Projects must be about a topic relating to the history of Portage County and can include, but are not limited to: books, articles, academic papers, blogs, digital projects, audio, and video. Additionally, projects must have been created, published, or released in the calendar year prior to the award date. The Win Rothman Award carries a cash prize of $500 if selected. Selections are made by the PCHS Board of Directors.

Submission Window: Annually, between February 1st and March 1st

How to Submit your Project: Send project description, example, and contact information to or mail to the Portage County Historical Society, PO Box 672, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Past Recipients

2022 - Jen Brilowski

2021 - Chelsey Pfiffner

2019 - Patti Drier

2018 - Brad & Diane Casselberry, John Harry

2010 - Mark Seiler

2004 - John Kiedrowski, Mr. & Mrs. Leary

1996 - Russell Haines & Justus Paul

1994 - Adeline Sopa

1990 - Malcolm Rosholt, Craig Anderson, Connie Haack-Hurlbut

1989 - Stevens Point Historic Design & Review Commission

1988 - Eugene Isherwood

1987 - Wayne Guyant & Janice Hughes

1986 - Peggy Murray

1985 - Wayne Guyant & Dennis Kolinski

1984 - Brian Hackett

1983 - Marjorie Bronsted & Ethelyn Aanrud

1982 - David Tesch

1981 - Malcolm Rosholt

1980 - Wendell Nelson

1979 - Tom Marchel

1978 - Donald Isherwood

1977 - Ellen Johnson & John Stastny

Rothman Award
Pine and Iron Award

Pine and Iron Award

This award is chosen by the Board of Directors to honor someone who has done something of note to preserve Portage County history. The Pine and Iron Award is the organization's highest honor. If you would like to nominate someone, please email

Past Recipients

2022 - Bill Schierl and Sarena Melotte

2021: Joanne Hagen

2020: John Harry

2018: Shirley Multhauf

2017: Kirby Heck

2011: Judy Lyons

2010: Larry Misiewicz

2007: Fred Haase

2001: Carla Boettcher

2000: Lutheran Brotherhood, Ron Coker

1999: Terry Anderson, Ed Marcks

1998: Polish Heritage Awareness Society, Janet Jurgella

1997: Chuck Nason, Donna Sowka

1996: Cheryl Jean, Dave Cash

1995: Don Kottke

1994: Roy Menzel, William Paul

1993: Worzella Publishing, Phil Kalas

1992: Loras Smithback

1991: Tom Brown

1990: K.B. Willett, John Anderson

1989: John Seramur, Robert Hetchler

1988: William McKee

1987: Jay Price, Patricia Malick

1986: John Joanis, Wendell Nelson, Justin Isherwood

1985: Maurice Perrett

1984: Guy Gibson, Raymond Specht

1982: Clifford Swanson, Alice Loberg

Anday Award

Anton Anday Volunteer Service Award

This award is chosen by the Board of Directors to recognize the achievements of outstanding volunteers of the Portage County Historical Society. It is named in memory of Anton Anday, a longtime volunteer curator and site manager at PCHS's Heritage Park historical site.

Past Recipients

2023 - Paul and Sue Koehl

2022 - Anton Anday

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