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Resources for Educators

The Portage County Historical Society offers a number of resources-- from worksheets and Powerpoints to semi-portable traveling trunks and our one room schoolhouse experience to help bring history to life.

These resources were developed with funding from a grant awarded by the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin.

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Then and Now Photos

This PowerPoint uses images from the Portage County Historical Society collections housed at the UWSP Archives, as well as Google Street View, to show students how Portage County has changed over time.

Timeline of Portage County History

In this PowerPoint, the general outlines of Wisconsin state history are brought home to Portage County. 

Lake Emily, Portage County, Wis_20210910_0010_edited_edited.jpg
Iverson Park_01.tif

Worksheets can be accessed here to supplement your local history lessons. 

Hands On Learning

The Portage County Historical Society has curated three traveling trunks which can be lent out to local educators. These trunks are full of historical and reproduction artifacts to supplement your local history lessons. We currently offer three themed trunks, with each one including images and stories relating the topic to Portage County. These themes are Turn of the Century Life, Farming, and Early Education.



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