Precourt Blacksmith Shop

Geotag information GEO: 44.456624, -89.540563

This structure comes from the Town of Buena Vista and one of the earliest homesteads in the county. The original plat of the site shows that the land was a payment to a veteran of the Seminole Wars in Florida but that man sold the land, sight unseen, to Antoine Precourt. Mr. Precourt came to the area before the Civil War and took up farming. The smithy itself was built, probably by Antoine, in about 1880. The society obtained it in 1985 and moved it to the site shortly afterward.

Unfortunately, the smithy was in terrible shape and much of two walls needed to be nearly rebuilt. The forge, made of wood, was unsafe and could easily have caught fire. The society was forced to redesign the forge to suit both safety and exhibit purposes and it can now function as it was intended. A number of the tools Mr. Precourt designed and made are on display in the smithy. They had simply been left in the building long after it had ceased to be of use to the farm. This was the first structure the society rehabilitated and opened.




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