Farm Equipment

Panorama of Farm Equipment

Thanks to the efforts of Milo Harpstead the Society has a representative collection of farm equip that either was used in Portage County or could have been used here. Milo personally restored all the pieces of equipment. More will be added in the future.

    Walking plows

  1. Oliver 40, Oliver Chilled Plow Works, South Bend, IN 1892 Bolt for tracking adjustment.
  2. Moore Plow, Moore Plow Co., Greenville, MI 1913. Wheel for depth control.
  3. Sulky plows

  4. Emerson Foot Lift sulky plow, Emerson Mfg. Co., Rockford, IL 1910. Has a lever for tracking adjustment.
  5. Independent Harvester Co. sulky plow, Milwaukee, WI. Little information is available but spare parts were listed until 1944. Bolt in tongue for tracking adjustment.
  6. Sulky cultivators

  7. Parlin and Orendorff (P&O) sulky cultivator, Canton, IL 1906. Hammock Seat. Breach from 12 gauge double barrel shotgun for whip holder.
  8. John Deere Sulky Cultivator, Moline, IL 1907. Red painted beams are authentic.
  9. Two-way sulky plow

  10. John Deere two-way sulky plows (about 1910) were designed for small fields with irregular boundaries. Only one bottom was lowered at a time. At the end of the field the farmer turned the team around and lowered the other bottom. In this way he could plow the other way in the furrow that had just been made.
  11. Misc. Equipment

  12. Dowagiac Grain Drill (about 1905) were named after the city in SW Michigan where they were manufactured. This one has a small-seed attachment for legumes or grass seeds. It also has an attachment to keep a running account of the acres seeded. Trade mark design was made from historical letterhead.
  13. Hoover one-row potato digger in 1880s that was later marketed by John Deere. Designed to be pulled by 4-horse hitch and later modified for tractor power. This blade lifts the soil with the potatoes and the shaker conveyor shakes the soil out. The end unit is a viner that throws the vines free of the potatoes.
  14. International Harvester single row potato planter from early 1900s. The potato seed chunks are stabbed by a sharp point and dropped when the point is in the forward position behind the furrow opener . They are covered by the pair of disks. All colors approximate the original.
  15. International Harvester Dump Rake Rake for forage grass hay. From early 20th century till much later.
  16. Armstrong blue grass stripper probably from 1920s and 30s. The spiked drum spins and strips the heads off blue grass and deposits them in the bin at the rear. Children could ride there and stuff the seeds into bags as the work progressed. Commonly used on the Buena Vistas marsh.
  17. Single Row Potato Planter - International Harvestor. Potato seed chunks are stabbed, then dropped when the point is in the forward position behind the furrow opener.
  18. John Deere two row corn planter with planter wire for checking corn in a grid pattern. It also has a fertilizer attachment that is painted red. About 1940.
  19. International Harvester Co. Sickle Mower for forage grasses and legumes, Chicago, IL. About 1920.



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