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Welcome to the Portage County History Blog: From the Archives!

You may have noticed that our website has been undergoing a major rehaul in the last year, and that some of the content from the old website, hasn't yet made it to the new site. Our goal has not been to just take away the info and pages you may have enjoyed perusing in the past, but to find a way to present that content in a manner that, while building on the hard work of the volunteers who put the old site together, also makes that content easier to find and serves our mission of sharing the stories of Portage County more holistically.

Which leads us to introduce: The Portage County History Blog! This blog on our website will serve as a means to present interesting stories and historical tidbits on an ongoing basis where you can search the content through keywords and tags. This will also help keep track of the topics that people look for the most, helping us know what to write about next.

Along those lines, this space is designed for YOU, the residents of Portage County. Feel free to leave comments on blog posts, or email if there are questions you have that you think other people might be interested in hearing about too!

We're so excited to share the stories of the objects we preserve that give glimpses of Portage County's past through the years. In all, we've saved over 500,000 pieces of our shared past; from photographs to artifacts to manuscript collections. This is our chance to bring all that to you, wherever you are!

Downtown Stevens Point, Circa 1950s.

As always, thank you for supporting the Portage County Historical Society. We look forward to having you visit our new blog and hope to see you in person at one of our sites or events!


Apr 14

Do you have any early pics of Meehan Cemetery Meehan(Plover),Wisconsin looking for a pic from before flower box was there Thankyou


Apr 12

By chance we're looking for pics of the front view of the meehan cemetery,meehan,wisconsin were looking for older pic before the new sign was built

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